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Old Sat Jan 23, 2010, 09:48pm
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6 ft., molasses count

I have recently had the opportunity to see a number of class 3A high school BV, BJV, BF, Gf, GJV and GV as well as DIII men and women. In all the games seen, only a couple of the officials seem to know what constitutes 5 or 10 seconds or 6 feet. With only one of two exceptions, the closely guarded didn't start until the players were in arms reach, roughly 3 to 3 1/2 feet.

As far as the 5/10 counts are concerned, again, only a couple were counting anywhere close to actual elapsed times. One was counting so slow, when he was walking (strolling) toward the division line after a throwin, he got to 3 before he crossed over. In another (BV game) the ref didn't start a count at all. Then H1 who started jogging, then walking, stopped about 6-8 feet from the division line. V1 decided at this point to challenge him in the back court. THEN the ref started his count - another molasses count. He got to about 5 before H1 threw the ball to the front court. V1 had to have had 12 to 15 seconds in the back court. Next time down the court, same thing no count started until H1 stopped short of the division line again. This time he got the ball across after a count of 2 (around 6 seconds).

I'm seeing these things so much I'm wondering if this is something that is addressed in the pre-game, both the 6 ft and the molasses count. Comments?
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Old Sat Jan 23, 2010, 10:00pm
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Time and Distance

Originally Posted by BBrules View Post
I'm wondering if this is something that is addressed in the pre-game, both the 6 ft and the molasses count.
Yep, we pregame it.
I restate the visualization of the free-throw line to the circle to be sure we get right in our minds what six feet actually is.
While helping out on MS games, during which bringing the ball up is usually uncontested and without pressure, I've been practicing matching my ten-count with the clock. I realized I had indeed lapsed into a molasses pace without being aware of it. Seems to have helped out with my confidence to have the proper counting pace.
Coaches really don't seem to have a problem with a counted call (ten seconds, five seconds) as long as they observe a good, sharp, visible arm count. It's when they hear a whistle after seeing the old one or two casual waves of the arm after a guy forgets to begin a visible count that really seems to burn them. Anybody else sense this?

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Old Sun Jan 24, 2010, 09:08am
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I'd guess that the prevalence of this kind of officiating drove the NFHS to make closely guarded and 3 seconds points of emphasis this year. Maybe backcourt will be one next year.
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Old Sun Jan 24, 2010, 11:41am
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Originally Posted by BBrules View Post
... as well as DIII men and women.
NCAAW closely guarded is 3 ft, not 6 ft.
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