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Old Mon Feb 02, 2015, 02:11pm
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Yes you can "flex" or rotate too much. Usually if they are just passing the ball back and forth up top and no movement to dribble, drive or passing in the corner, those are times when you might want to wait a little bit.

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Old Mon Feb 02, 2015, 02:13pm
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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Well, if I'm officiating the post player in 2-person, I've dropped down to get the best look at it I can. Probably not at the sideline, but I've dropped low and worked for the best angle I can get. I've seen a lot of Cs with cement shoes -- getting to the FTLE and dropping anchor. I'd rather have a trail with active feet than that C...
Me too, but I'd wager you're in the minority of good 2-person officials...

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
My point is that once the post player gets the ball, it's many times too late to rotate. The goal should be to be there, in position, when the post player receives the ball in order to officiate that part of it as well as the rest. If you rotate after he gets there, you run a real risk of being in mid-rotation in the middle of the lane when the post player makes his move.
Exactly, which is why I see D1 guys on tv stay across the Lane and referee from there if there is a quick post and not enough time for them to get across and into position. The worst position is being caught in the middle of the lane.
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Old Mon Feb 02, 2015, 02:13pm
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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
This is a really old term. I could see where people would not know what that meant anymore.
I didn't know what it meant explicitly, but I picked it up from context.
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Old Mon Feb 02, 2015, 02:16pm
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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
I'll assume 3 whistles. I flex often early, but when it becomes clear that they're doing a lot of skip passes and keeping the ball out of the paint, I tend to wait a bit more. I'll look for one of three things.

1. The C starts a 5 second count.
2. Someone starts dribbling in the C's primary.
3. The ball drops below the FT line.

These aren't perfect, but I don't know how much benefit is gained by continuously moving from one side of the lane to the other.

I'd be curious what others say, though.
I think that is excellent advice.
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Old Mon Feb 02, 2015, 11:39pm
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Can one rotate too much? Definitely

But I'd be willing to bet at the high school level, that people under rotate...finding reason to NOT rotate. That's not the correct mind set IMO...gotta find reasons to rotate.
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