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Old Wed Aug 22, 2018, 03:33pm
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Coaching from Improper Area

During play, a coach is standing (a) in the sub zone; (b) beyond the replacement zone (but still "outside" the end-line -- that is NOT directly "behind" the court).

What's the penalty (after any appropriate game-management discussions / informal warnings)?

And, why do cases 5.5.3D and 5.5.3E say "YUD" while case 12.2.5 says "Y - unsporting conduct" -- is the location of the infraction the difference?
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Old Thu Aug 23, 2018, 12:51pm
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I think the new case book entries 5.5.3.D and 5.5.3E are in error. The new new rule is the second referee is responsible for enforcing the coaches box.

The rule defining the coaches box and it's use is 12-2-6. The penalties for rule 12, conduct, are unsporting cards. So I would use case book 12.2.5 which indicates the violation is an unsporting conduct.

The change this year does not change the requirements for the coaching box. Rather the new rule specifically designates R2 to enforce the coaching box.
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Old Fri Aug 24, 2018, 12:44pm
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I agree with the penalty, that it is a yellow card and the R2 should be handling the situation.

With that said, there are certain things I'm not going to immediately go to a card for and this is one of them. If the coach is encroaching into the sub zone, I most definitely will notice and will address it with the coach. If the coach continues to do this, I will be issuing a card. The card won's be for being out of the box, it will be for not following the reasonable request of an official.

If the coach is outside the end of the libero replacement zone and beyond the end line, I, as R2 most likely will not even notice (unless she is so far beyond the end that it becomes noticeable.)

I witnessed an R1 issue a yellow card yesterday for nothing more than being outside the far end of the libero replacement zone. How far out? About a foot. He was subsequently reminded by his crew chief (and the R2 on the match) that 1) it wasn't directly his responsibility to address and 2) there is something called preventative officiating to use before the cards come out. The R1 on that match is a newer official who has not yet grasped the "art" of officiating. Officiating is as much knowing how to interpret the rules as knowing the rules. This official knows the rulebook.
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Old Tue Aug 28, 2018, 12:53pm
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I agree that should be a very rare event when you have to issue a card for being outside of the designated zone. A few feet not into the R2 and/or the LJ space should be ignored, and a quick word from R2 should correct certainly be used as the first line to compliance when the coach is clearly outside of the specified zone.

A coach should really be asking for a card by repeatedly ignoring the instructions to get one for this.
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