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Old Tue Oct 06, 2009, 01:46pm
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Originally Posted by Ref_in_Alberta View Post
Rocky - Yes, that is where the FIBA Technical Commision expects that Lead official to take their position. We don't like it either...


I wonder what the thinking is on that? What kind of an angle do they expect the L to get on plays? Especially on a play like this one where the L ends up looking at nothing but defenders backs.
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Old Tue Oct 06, 2009, 06:36pm
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The Slings And Arrows ...

Originally Posted by AllPurposeGamer View Post
The play from the OP would be a team control foul.
Originally Posted by eg-italy View Post
Really? Easy. No one.
Originally Posted by M&M Guy View Post
But is this your final answer? Would you like to "phone a friend" and ask them about team control before submitting this answer?
Good catch guys, but do you have to gang up on me? One correction would have been sufficient. M&M Guy is right, I quickly posted this answer before I left for work, early this morning, before I had my morning coffee.

I hope that, at least, this part was correct: Lead gets the pass and trail gets the crash. Keep in mind that almost all our games here in the "Constitution State" are two person games.
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Old Tue Oct 06, 2009, 08:56pm
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I've probably got a block on this. Yeah, if you slow it down enough it appears the defender on the offensive player's right may have gotten his feet down before the offensive player left the ground. But his body is still leaning 20-30, so it sure doesn't look like he's "there". And the defender to his left gets there later than that.
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Old Tue Oct 06, 2009, 09:40pm
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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I hope that, at least, this part was correct: Lead gets the pass and trail gets the crash. Keep in mind that almost all our games here in the "Constitution State" are two person games.
Even that part is not necessarily correct.

While that is one common convention, it is not the only convention and has at least one scenario where it fails badly.

(Assuming 2-man) The other convention is that the Lead and Trail split the play based on proximity....pass to leads side, lead takes the pass; pass to trail's side, trail takes the pass. The other takes the crash. That way, you don't have the trail following a pass into an area of the court that they can't possibly see.
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Old Wed Oct 07, 2009, 09:29pm
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Originally Posted by oc View Post
What have you got on this one?

YouTube - Block / Charge 5 - FIBA referee education

Who's call, the T, L, or C? I find it odd the L had no whistle, unless he was purposely no calling this play.
The narrator is correct. This is a charge. L or T should pick this up.
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