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Old Wed Feb 16, 2005, 07:58pm
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Originally posted by rotationslim
I feel bad I condoned and contributed to a flame war, I appologize to all, while it is a common internet practice, it is beneath this group.

As the old (politically incorrect) saying goes, getting to an argument on the internet is like running a ... race, even if you win you are still ....
The apology is good, but that second paragraph is some deep stuff to step into! I'd drop it fast, if I were you.
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Old Thu Feb 17, 2005, 12:28am
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Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
I agree with that. The problem is that you can't back up your decision in this particular situation, whatever it might be, with a specific rule, case, state interp, etc. Rut can't back up his decision by rule either. That doesn't make either of you wrong.It makes both of you right.

See what I'm getting at?
Yes I can. Rule 2-3 pretty much cover it for me. There is no guideline that covers when to have warm-up period or when not to have a warm-up period. This is in the hands of the Referee on the game. And that is really my point. If you are working the game, it is up to you to decide what is best. If the coaches agree, you still have to decide how long of a warm-up time. If one coach does not want a warm-up period, then you still have to make a decision. This is how it works.

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Old Thu Feb 17, 2005, 07:20am
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M&M mentioned it but nobody else has said much about the fact that if someone gets into the game at the end of the second quarter/first half they have probably been sitting for 20 minutes or more. They will not get a warmup so I don't see why the amount of delay is a reason for the teams to warm up. That is not to say I wouldn't allow it because I really don't give a hoot while reading it on this board. I guess I would have to be in the situation to make the call. It seems to me that certain comments are made as if they are absolutes. I think the error lies in saying/implying something would be done a certain way no matter what. I think JRut has mentioned that he might be convinced to allow the warm up. To me that means his opinion isn't an absolute and there is nothing wrong with that.

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