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Old Sun Apr 11, 2004, 11:43pm
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Q1 regarding - Rule 8 H 1-2 - Runners may steal one base in 10U.

I told the coaches in pregame:
- they get one base on a steal
- we are playing with a closed home plate

despite this .. When 1R stole 2B on a pitch and then moved on to 3B on the error on the throw to 2B.. I put them back to 2B after play ceased causing the coach to appeal to me with the following argument - they should get 1 base on the steal and 1 base on the error.

I told him I disagreed, the intent of the rule is because of the potential for error in 10U.. (not to mention the fact I had made it clear in pregame)

I told him I would check with knowledgable umpires I knew (that being you guys) but we were playing it that way and the call stood.

Do I properly understand the intent and enforcement of this rule or is the coach correct?


Q2 Re ASA 10U rules.

R1 on 3B
R2 on 1B

Batted ball - R1 Scores.. the errors begin - R2 also scores. BR ends up with a triple on 3B.

Any problem with the above play in the above?

Other Coach appeals based on my previous ruling:
I ruled that was legal as it was scoring on a batted ball -errors aside.


I'll just add the coaches accepted the rulings fine, their appeals were perfectly fine in attitude.. but want to make sure my ducks are in a row on this...

I'll also state for the record I was pummelled for an hour and a half saturday.. man... catchers that cant catch.. I'd rather work 14U with people who can whiz that ball any day.

Edited to clarify .. steal in Q1 was on a pitch.. thanks JEL.

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Old Mon Apr 12, 2004, 12:52am
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The best way to remember it is 1 base on a pitched ball, except home. On a batted ball, run all you want.

Q1, I assume this was a steal on a pitch, runner may only advance to 2B. She may run further, but can be put out if off a base. If she makes and stays at 3B, put her back on 2B. If she's tagged out in between bases, she's out. The catcher making a play has no bearing, it was still a pitched ball. I think this allows a learning curve for catchers as most will not be able to make the throw.

You were correct. Blue 1, Coach 0

Q2, Batted ball, runners may advance all they can until pitcher has control of ball in the circle, or they are legally tagged out, or umpire calls time, (don't do that though!)

Correct again, Blue 2, Coach 0
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Old Mon Apr 12, 2004, 08:43am
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Jel calls it 1 base on a pitched ball, I call it station to station on each pitch. On ball 4, they cannot go to 2nd until the next pitch, even though it's the 1st stolen base on the pitch. Station to station.
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