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Old Fri Jul 25, 2014, 01:30pm
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Travelling or not?

According to FIBA rules, am I considered to be travelling if while I am dribbling I land on both feet simultaneously and come to a stop, then proceed to take a step forward and jump off my (non-pivot) foot to make a pass or a shot for a field goal?

24.1.2: A dribble ends when the player touches the ball with both hands simultaneously or permits the ball to come to rest in one or both hands.
25.2.1: Establishing a pivot foot for a player who catches a live ball on the playing court:
- If both feet are off the floor and the player lands on both feet simultaneously, the moment one foot is lifted, the other foot becomes the pivot foot
25.2.2: Progressing with the ball for a player who has established a pivot foot while having the control of a live ball on the playing court:
- While coming to a stop when neither foot is the pivot foot
- To pass or shoot for a field goal, one foot or both feet may be lifted but may not be returned to the floor before the ball is released from the hand(s).

So is it correct interpretation to say, using 24.1.2 and 25.2.1, when I am dribbling I can hold the ball in both hands and land on both feet simultaneously. This will end the dribble and neither foot is yet the pivot foot. I now lift one foot to take a step forward the foot I did not take a step forward with is my pivot foot, as per 25.2.1. Using 25.2.2 I can lift my pivot foot and jump off my other foot but neither foot may contact the ground before I release the ball.


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Old Fri Jul 25, 2014, 02:07pm
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Originally Posted by gsilvest_vyr View Post I considered to be travelling if while I am dribbling I land on both feet simultaneously...
...when I am dribbling I can hold the ball in both hands and land on both feet simultaneously.
You can't be both dribbiling and holding the ball at the same time. You also can't be travelling while dribbiling. So I think some clarification will be needed as to where your feet are when your dribble ends in order to answer this.

Edit: I'm reading your scenario and if you end your dribble with both feet off the ground and you land on both feet simultaneously, then your scenario sounds legal to me based on your citations, but I'm not familar with FIBA rules.

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Old Thu Jul 31, 2014, 03:16pm
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IF neither foot is on the floor when you end your dribble and you land simultaneously then you may choose a pivot and non pivot foot. You may also lift that pivot foot to shoot or pass just not start your dribble.

The difficulty in the scenario you present as it is a fairly common attempted move in these parts (seemingly more so in girls basketball then guys).

1) You must have both feet off the ground at the time your dribble ends. Most players who fail in attempting this move stall or grab the ball with one foot touching the floor and push off that foot into a simulaneous stop (see point 2) and then try to pivot. So they are in effect using a pro hop/jump stop to get to two feet and then pivoting. Travel.

2) For some reason when I work fiba games and NFHS games one of the strange differences I've found is that the NFHS officials I work with are much more generous in their interpretation of simultaneous then my FIBA cohorts. If both feet come down at essentially the same time (ie. not clearly 1-2) then in NFHS games they tend to allow that to be treated as simultaneous. FIBA officials I work with tend to act as if they are in fact the slow motion replay and using physicist instruments in determining foot contact and elevation. (ie. UNless they can absolutely not say 1 foot touched first they treat it as if the player lands 1-2) I've never seen a directive to be this way just my experience. That players feel they've landedAt simultaneously and officials have determined a pivot foot for them

3) No one is perfect. At game speed, even veteran very strong officials can miss a call. Now factor in how many officials aren't veteran and how many are strong you are getting more kicked calls. IF you try to make complicated movements that by the letter of the law are in fact legal but are rarely seen and look out of place. You need to accept that while it might not be a travel it could likely be called that way in the "it looked funny" school of thought.
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