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Old Sun Feb 10, 2008, 10:07am
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Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
As I've done many, many times, I'd bet Lark's left one that you'd get a completely different story from the officials who did that game. And Larks still has his left one(I think).

Sorry, but I don't believe anything when I see these "mean ol' referees" stories posted, especially when they come out of rec leagues( and from rec league warriors).
Uh..., won't happen.
If he loses his left, the other is left.
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Old Sun Feb 10, 2008, 10:19am
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Originally Posted by soundedlikeastrike
Point well taken, but still doesn't answer the ?

Let's pretend, which you seem to be quite capable of, I am uncannily honest and objective in my enquiry.


Would a referee, actually admit, in person, on the court, "oh yeah we're calling it different now"? Of course not. But here on a proffesional board that lends some great insights into the behind the scenes preachings/teachings? Come on.

So, is there inside guidance too let em go at the end?
I'll play.
As an ump, you know the value of consistency. But, have you ever opened-up your zone (per personal judgment) for the "good" of the game? Ever make an FYC?
We officials make decisions for some reason and we decide to live with the results. You know it happens, you know the reasons are personal and you know there is no conspiracy.
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Old Sun Feb 10, 2008, 12:53pm
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Part Of My Pregame

Letís not put the whistles away in the last two minutes: That wouldnít be consistent with the way weíve been
calling the game. If the game dictates it, let the players win or lose the game at the line. We donít want to be
the ones who decide the game by ignoring obvious fouls just to get the game over.

End of game strategic fouls: If the winning team is just holding the ball and is willing to take the free throws,
then letís call the foul immediately, so the ballhandler doesnít get hit harder to draw a whistle. Letís make
sure there is a play on the ball by the defense. If thereís no play on the ball, if the defense grabs the jersey
from behind, or if the ballhandler receives a bear hug, we should consider an intentional foul. These are not
basketball plays and should be penalized as intentional.
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