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Old Sat Dec 09, 2006, 06:32am
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end of game Stuff

Boys JV . Semi final game of tourney. Partner is 1st year ref, I am starting 3rd year. Home team leading 72-69. I am lead. Visitors shooting 1 and 1. There is 1.9 seconds on clock. Misses first one , long bounce off rim, heading towards my sideline, home team grabs the ball ,dribbles 2/3 times , fouled, I tweet, I look up, no time on clock , horn then sounds....
I start moving smartly towards locker room. Partner goes to scorers table to get his water bottle. Losing coach starts howling at partner that there was 1 second left. partner catches up to me at free throw line. We leave. Turns out partner had .2 seconds on clock. because of our bad communication skill set the winning team didn't get to shoot their 2 free throws with .2 seconds left and every bizarre thing that could have happened with .2 seconds didn't get a chance to happen.
Varsity ref evaluating us believes I should have reported the foul, explained to losing coach what i had and then announced that the game was over. i believed I let everybody know that the game was over when I started to leave the floor. Other than my partner and I not communicating about the .2 seconds-should I really have reported the foul and then made an announcement that the game was over ? I mean should I have used the PA system or what ? Seriously did I owe the losing coach an explanation at the end of the game ?
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Old Sat Dec 09, 2006, 06:55am
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The varsity ref evaluating you was wrong. If your partner saw 0.2 seconds on the clock when you blew your whistle, then that's definite knowledge. Under new rule 5-10-1, you put the exact time back on the clock that your partner saw when the whistle blew. The home team player that was fouled would get the 2 FT's that he had coming, with players lined up on the lanes.

Of course, once both you and your partner left the visual confines of the court, you couldn't go back and straighten anything out anyway. Game over. Rule 2-2-4 says that. And once you're in the dressing room, you don't come back out.

It certainly shouldn't have made any difference in the outcome of the game, but that would have been the correct way to handle that play, rules-wise.
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Old Sat Dec 09, 2006, 06:57am
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With the elimination of lag time from the book, you can now go back and put the .2 on the clock. If you chose not to do that, then somebody needs to say or give some type of signal that the ball game is over. The lack of one just gives the losing coach ammo, as he already feels the clock ran out unneccessarily. Take a couple of seconds, get together, make sure that everything is in order, and then tell who needs to be told. Proceed either to the locker room or the table to put time back, depending on what you decided with your partner.
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