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NBA Rules Cheat-Sheet ...

We've got a bunch of guys working the Greater Hartford Pro-Am League, a summer league combining professional players and amateur players, using many NBA rules. The guys working these games are mostly only-high school and combined high school/college officials.

For those interested in NBA versus high school/college rule differences, here's the "cheat-sheet" that is used in the league. Due to my lack of knowledge regarding college and NBA rules, I can't be certain if all of these are "true" NBA rules, or if they're hybrid rules combining aspects of NBA, college, and high school.

• Team which gains possession of the jump ball is awarded the throw-in for the 4th Qtr (end line);
Opponent is awarded the throw-in for the 2nd & 3rd Qtrs (end line). Player may run the end line.
• All held balls are jump balls at the nearest circle; shot clock remains. If defensive team violates, reset
shot clock to 14, if inbounded in frontcourt; backcourt reset shot clock to 24.
• Out-of-bounds between two opponents, jump ball at nearest circle & reset shot clock to 24.
• Out-of-bounds involving multiple players, jump ball at center circle between ANY two opponents in the
game & reset shot clock to 24.
• Block/Charge, NOT involving the RA/LDB, with officials giving conflicting signals; ANY two opponents in
the game at center circle & reset shot clock to 24.
• Positioning for jump ball, first option for positioning goes to player whose basket is closest, then
alternating positions.

• After ANY violation or out-of-bounds where the ball will be inbounded in the backcourt, the substitute
MUST in the substitution box or its vicinity to enter the game. However, a reasonable amount of time will
be allowed for a substitution during the last 2-minutes of each period or overtime.
• NO substitutions are allowed after the last successful free throw or for suspension-of-play, EXCEPTION:
serious injury or bleeding player; but a substitute ONLY for that player and opponent is allowed one

• Two free throws on the 5th team foul in each Qtr & on the 4th team foul in overtime.
• Offensive fouls & Technical fouls are NOT team fouls.
• In the last 2-minutes, if a team does not have 4 team fouls, when the commit a foul, the team fouls shall
go to “4”.

• NOT a personal foul. One free throw and resume play at point-of-interruption.
• Once a player has been “ejected”, a technical foul CANNOT be assessed.
• MUST be given to an individual. CANNOT be a team/bench technical foul (Unsportsmanlike).

• Count towards personal & team fouls.

• The ball is inbounded one-step in the frontcourt and CANNOT be passed into the backcourt, unless in the
last 2-minutes of the 4th Qtr or OT.

• Neither team can substitute & ONLY the offensive team can be granted a time-out.

• Made basket in the last 1-minute of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Qtrs.
• Made basket in the last 2-miuntes of the 4th Qtr & OT.

• Two full time-outs (60-seconds) & one 20-second time-out per Half.
• ONLY the unused 20-second time-out can carryover into the 2nd Half.
• Maximum time-outs in 2nd Half ! Two full time-outs (60-seconds) & two 20-second time-outs.

• The player who was fouled (i.e. screener, etc.) is awarded one free throw with players lined up.

• Two free throws and ball awarded to offended team at the free throw extended in the frontcourt & shot
clock reset to 24.

• Injured Player cannot attempt ! Opposing coach selects player from the bench to attempt free throws
! Injured player CANNOT return.
• Injured Player cannot attempt because of flagrant foul penalty 1 ! His coach selects one of the
remaining 4 players on the floor to attempt free throws ! Injured player CANNOT return, EXCEPTION:
Concussion Protocol or an Away-from-the-Play Foul.
• Injured Player cannot attempt because of flagrant foul penalty 2 !His coach selects ANY eligible team
member to attempt free throws ! Injured player is permitted to return to the game.
• Disqualified Player ! His coach selects an eligible substitute to attempts free throws.
• Ejected Player ! Opposing coach selects from the bench.
• Ejected Player (after being FF2 by opponent) ! His coach selects one of the remaining 4 players on the
floor to attempt the free throws.

• ANY player in the game is awarded 1 free throw and resume play from the POI. If after a made basket, all
privileges remain.

• Technical Foul: ANY player in the game is awarded 1 free throw and resume play with a throw-in on the
sideline at the free throw line extended & shot clock shall remain or reset to 14 seconds, whichever is

• Touching the ball before the thro-in has been released. EXCEPTION: Last 2-minutes of the game a
technical foul will be assessed without any warning.

• Two free throws to the offended player and resume play with a throw-in on the sideline nearest to
where play was interrupted.

• A team CANNOT be reduced to less than 5 players.
• The last disqualified player shall remain in the game and a technical foul shall also be assessed to his
team. All subsequent personal foul, and offensive foul (on that player), shall be treated similarly. In the
event that a player is injured or ejected, the last player who was disqualified (in inverse order) must
replace the injured/ejected player. Their re-entry will be penalized with a technical foul.
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