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Old Fri Mar 02, 2018, 03:33pm
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I could talk about "the path" for a long time but will try to keep it simple. Also, don't want to dissuade you or anyone else.

1) Many have discussed appearance, specifically shirts. I'd suggest one size down and really work on your upper body. You can tailor shirts if you have the money.

2) Many have discussed being "in shape". Huh? Have you seen all of the D1 officials on TV? You do not have to do much to look like them. Distance traveled for a game is around 2-3 miles, with much of it walking or barely jogging. If you can't do that, then you have issues far beyond officiating.

3) I found that getting advice from mentors and experienced officials was a bit contradictory to directives handed down from Adams/Collins/etc. Just before Adams, big-time officials were stuck "in their ways" and called a game they way they wanted, based on experience/level/score/etc. They were not as black-and-white (as far as rules). So, you might get great advice from some experienced mentor only to have someone like Collins tell you otherwise after the fact. Then it is too late, you have already made the mistake in some game. Find a mentor that is not too old/experienced or one that will advise based on NCAA leadership.

4) You may want to forget a lot about #3 because it isn't what you know but rather who you know. Find a D1 assigner and become their friend ASAP. To get into the Good 'Ol Boy network, you have to become a Good 'Ol Boy right? You asked why there were mostly older refs at the D1 level. That is because the money resides there. People tend to not want to give up money

5) Fork out lots of many and attend camps galore. That is where the path ends for everyone. After that, see number 4.

6) Work on spelling/grammar. ("latter" from your post)
If some rules are never enforced, then why do they exist?
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Old Sat Mar 03, 2018, 09:02am
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zombie thread
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Old Sat Mar 03, 2018, 11:52am
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Bryan Kersey is hiring and utilizing young guys on his staff.

You have to be athletic and you have to be in shape.

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Old Sun Mar 04, 2018, 12:58am
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Be professional.
Be in shape.
Hustle up and down the court. Get in position to make the call.
Speak clearly and confidently.
Don't rush your calls.
Know the rules forwards and backwards. Read all the new material each year.
As someone else said, don't be sloppy with mechanics (e.g., Don't just yell over to the table from where u are "#2 white").
Be approachable by coaches. Don't be a hard ass that won't discuss anything. But, don't be the laughing/joking guy.
Don't be afraid to admit a mistake, or at least say "If it happened that way, we missed it." As a coach I am always forced to accept that answer. A veteran official told me that always de-escalates the situation. Of course, you don't want to have to say that very often.
I like at the college level an official will explain a call, e.g. "This is the rule: If he jumps straight up in the restricted area, he's good. From my angle, he jumped into him..." Don't see this much at the high school level but would like to.
No matter the score, officiate to the final buzzer.
No matter the level, varsity, jv freshman, aau, travel, always give your best effort. You never know who's watching, and it's good practice.
Hard work, skill, and professionalism and you'll go far.
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