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Old Sun Mar 20, 2016, 04:16pm
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Offensive Kick

Had this happen in an AAU game today. Dribbler A-1 begins his dribble and then loses control and seems to regain control while running by using his knee. He then continues his dribble. Should I have had a kick ball here. An "offensive kick?
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Old Sun Mar 20, 2016, 04:22pm
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The key word is "using." If he is using his knee to either stop, control or direct the ball in any way, that is a kick by rule. If it just went off his leg, different story and legal.

Again, a HTBT situation to really know either way, but your description sounds like a violation.

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Old Sun Mar 20, 2016, 04:42pm
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I Get A Kick Out Of You (Frank Sinatra,1954) ...

4-29: Kicking the ball is intentionally striking it with any part of the leg or foot.

9-4: A player shall not travel with the ball, as in 4-44, intentionally kick it, as in 4-29, strike it with the fist or cause it to enter and pass through the basket from
below. NOTE: Kicking the ball is a violation only when it is an intentional act; accidentally striking the ball with the foot or leg is not a violation.

4.29 SITUATION A: During A1's attempt to pass to A2, B1 (a) intentionally uses
his/her thigh to deflect the pass; (b) intentionally kicks the ball with his/her foot;
or (c) has the ball accidentally hit his/her lower leg. RULING: In (a) and (b), there
is a kicking violation and Team A will receive the ball out of bounds nearest the
violation. In (c), the ball remains live and there is no violation. (9-4)

4.29 SITUATION B: A1 has the ball for a throw-in. A1 rolls the ball to A2 who
stops the ball by putting his/her foot on top of it, then bends over and picks up
the ball. RULING: Kicking violation on A2 for intentionally striking the ball with
his/her foot. (9-4)
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Old Sun Mar 20, 2016, 07:30pm
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Originally Posted by rbruno View Post
An "offensive kick?
There's no rule that says only the defense can commit a kicking violation.
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Old Tue Mar 22, 2016, 05:02pm
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Intentionally striking...
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