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Old Tue Nov 12, 2002, 07:53pm
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Looking for a little equipment advice. I need to replace my old Spotbuilt plate shoes. I've gotten more than my money's worth out of them. I like the look of the Honig's and the POS, but have never worn them. SSK's got a bad rap from some of the instructors at advanced school.

What kind do you wear and what do you like about them?

Low top/High top - does it matter?

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Old Tue Nov 12, 2002, 08:24pm
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Question Shoes

The wife wears the Spot-Built Hightops which she swears by. I must admit the do look really comfortable, the problem is that the metal plate on the front looks kinda tacky attached with the studs. When polished though they look really really sharp. They have lasted two long seasons so far with no real signs of wear. I can't comment on how they look with Leather Luster since we don't use that product anymore.

I wear the Riddel Chief Hightops. The only reason I am wearing those is because I got a really good deal and thought I would try them out. My old plate shoes just wore out and I needed some quick. In short, while they may be good for someone on a budget or a new umpire, I don't think they "Pass the Mustard" as a high quality shoe. The imitation leather looks almost like vinyle and hence kinda cheap looking. I am planning on making those my rain/mud/crappy weather shoe and buying something else. Once again, I don't know how well they work with Leather Luster.

In any case, we both prefer High Tops. Just a personal preference.

Right now I am looking at the Honigs High Top Baseball Plate?? Any Opinions on that shoe....I am hesitant about the studs on the bottom, a hard diamond, a long day and hence some sore knees and joints.
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Old Tue Nov 12, 2002, 10:25pm
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I've got a Honig lo-top pair and they have held up very well. The leather lustre has lasted 2-3 seasons of over 300 games (maybe 220 on the plate each year). I stopped wearing them this year due to some ankle problems. I am now using the Honig hi-tops. They fit well, feel great, but I have now used the leather lustre on them - they have a spot near the ankle which looks as if it would not take leather lustre, so I decided to just go with regular shoe polish. The studs on the sole are not a problem as far as wear & tear on the body goes, Keller, so don't let that be too much of a concern.

I have a friend who used leather lustre on the Spot-Bilts and it looks good on them. I've found that leather lustre works very well on any "hard" smooth leather but does not work at all on soft leather or the fake stuff.

My next pair will probably be POS blems - they are made near here and another friend has been able to get them for a significant savings. Even though they are supposed to be a little heavier than Honigs' or Gerry Davis' shoes, this discount will make them worthwhile to me.

Steve M
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Old Wed Nov 13, 2002, 12:50pm
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I have worn the Honig's low cut plate shoes for the past two years. They offer good protection, but have never seemed to fit quite right. They also seem heavier than other plate shoes I've seen. After two or three plate games in a day, I'm ready to be out of those shoes.

I have heard very good things about the Tecna brand plate shoe sold on the Gerry Davis Website. Lighter weight and the two umpires that I have spoken to say that they are as comfortable as a pair of tennis shoes. The price is competitive with other plate shoes I have seen.
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Old Wed Nov 13, 2002, 01:01pm
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I've worn the Honig lo-cut for two years.

Good points: It is a very well made shoe. After two years, it seems to wear like iron. Takes a shine very well. Offers excellent protection (1st hand experience), and excellent traction in all kinds of field conditions. Very good value for money. Good arch support. Good looking shoe.

Gripes: Seems a bit heavy. My foot seems to ride "high" in the shoe, making it difficult to lace it on securely.

My next show will be a high top, just to make it a more secure fit. Right now, I'd have no reason to not buy another Honig's, but when the time comes, I'm sure I'll shop around.
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Old Wed Nov 13, 2002, 08:45pm
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I have a pair of Riddell low tops that I like ($85 either from the ASA web sit or Honigs......I can't remember

I also have a pair of High top pair of Wolverine Steel toe all black athletic that I wear too..........(they may be another brand..........but I am pretty sure they are Wolverine)......and the price was about $50.

They both are good..........the low top Riddell have a nice instep protector, but if you have shinnies with a built in, the extra protection is not really needed.

The Riddell's have a better bottom for traction.........but I have never had any problems with my high-tops.........

After taking a hard foul shot in a Womens FP game a few years ago that broke one of my big toes............I never leave home without them..............grin

Formerly known as Gulf Coast Blue Toe
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