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Question Shoes

The wife wears the Spot-Built Hightops which she swears by. I must admit the do look really comfortable, the problem is that the metal plate on the front looks kinda tacky attached with the studs. When polished though they look really really sharp. They have lasted two long seasons so far with no real signs of wear. I can't comment on how they look with Leather Luster since we don't use that product anymore.

I wear the Riddel Chief Hightops. The only reason I am wearing those is because I got a really good deal and thought I would try them out. My old plate shoes just wore out and I needed some quick. In short, while they may be good for someone on a budget or a new umpire, I don't think they "Pass the Mustard" as a high quality shoe. The imitation leather looks almost like vinyle and hence kinda cheap looking. I am planning on making those my rain/mud/crappy weather shoe and buying something else. Once again, I don't know how well they work with Leather Luster.

In any case, we both prefer High Tops. Just a personal preference.

Right now I am looking at the Honigs High Top Baseball Plate?? Any Opinions on that shoe....I am hesitant about the studs on the bottom, a hard diamond, a long day and hence some sore knees and joints.
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