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I've got a Honig lo-top pair and they have held up very well. The leather lustre has lasted 2-3 seasons of over 300 games (maybe 220 on the plate each year). I stopped wearing them this year due to some ankle problems. I am now using the Honig hi-tops. They fit well, feel great, but I have now used the leather lustre on them - they have a spot near the ankle which looks as if it would not take leather lustre, so I decided to just go with regular shoe polish. The studs on the sole are not a problem as far as wear & tear on the body goes, Keller, so don't let that be too much of a concern.

I have a friend who used leather lustre on the Spot-Bilts and it looks good on them. I've found that leather lustre works very well on any "hard" smooth leather but does not work at all on soft leather or the fake stuff.

My next pair will probably be POS blems - they are made near here and another friend has been able to get them for a significant savings. Even though they are supposed to be a little heavier than Honigs' or Gerry Davis' shoes, this discount will make them worthwhile to me.

Steve M
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