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Old Sun Jul 19, 2009, 12:39am
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Sorry red, er, ah, I mean, caught ya red and your welcome

Funny story with an umpire today.
I usually post BB but they don't like SB stuff over there.
I've been Umpiring SPSB for 8 years and playing for 28 and pitching for 25 of those..

I'm "playing" USSSA SP, which allows for F1 to deliver from any where within the width of and as far 6' back of the rubber. This is a couple three yr. old rule (Nationally, though here in Wa. we experimented with as far as 2nd base at one time, then 10' for many years) implemented to give a bit of added safety to the F1's.
I allow and use "it all" and have never called it, nor had it called on me.

The fields we're on are immaculate, turf Infld, plush grass OF.
There are permanent lines for fair foul on the turf, running lane, Btr. box, on decks, circle for FP mound, and; a "box" extending from the edges of the rubber back about 5', never seen one not sure what it's intended for? NSA, ASA don't know..

No kidding, first pitch of the game, perfect, right down the tube.
Red say's "ball, unfairly delivered, you gotta be within the box".

I'm dumbfounded and looking at this box, thinking that aint' 6', "so no kidding, in all honesty, without even thinking about it, I lay down to measure, it's 5', I'm 6'2".
I get up and say, "this is short", Red say's "this tournament's gonna be short for you if you do that again, that's what we're directed to use, lets go."

First off, I'm a bit ticked, then I realize what I just did, kinda like drawing a line on the outside of the plate to indicate where a batter thought the pitch was. Guess I wouldn't a liked it either.

So, being the sporting character I am, I realize, that's his call, I'm not the skipper, he's listening and ain't saying nothing, I ain't protesting, nor whining, I ain't gonna give the guy no grief, I'm sure he's doing what he's told...we play on..

No kidding, next batter, he's standing with his right foot about a foot outside the BtrsBox. I wait a second, then say to Red, "does he have to get in."
He say's, "nope, these boxes aren't "regulation size" and it's my judgement, let's go."

Soon as he said it, I saw his face kinda drop, we both new, ""what", you can use judgement on one "non regulation" feature but not the other".

Anyway, it give me a chuckle, I'd a talked to the UIC or TD after, but we didn't get an after..played back to back, 5 in a row, near 90* I'm 50..,

I didn't care to waste any breath/effort to go find em. After game 5, I couldn't get to my ACed car fast enough. So I'll approach em in the AM as we're still alive.
But then,
Our 3rd game (same umpire), opponents change pitchers, new guy comes in throws his warm up pitches, I'm basecoaching @ 3rd. No kidding, first pitch, looks pretty darn good, ump say's; "ball unfairly delivered, you gotta be in the box". F1, looking dumbfounded,,,he's looking at this box like it's hot charcoals, and, he of course "lay's down to measure", he say's "it's short". Red, looks at me, kinda smiling and says "you wanna help me with this? I say "pitch, your stay here will be short also, that's what they're enforcing let's play".
Red, say's that's right, let's go..
F1's kinda looking at me like what the?, it worked and we played on..
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