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Old Wed Nov 05, 2008, 11:21pm
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catching up...

This thread obviously started way before I got here. Can't see the video, maybe it's not there anymore. I like the quirky plays and posted the hit by pitch thread a little earlier. Came across this one while looking at similar subjects.

Sorry for re-hashing old stuff. New to me.

I think the correct call might be from ASA Rule 7, Section 6.
The Batter is Out
A. When the third strike is:
1. yada
2. yada
3. when the pitched ball, in the umpire's judgment, is prevented from entering the strike zone by actions of the batter other than hitting the ball.

I think this one could use some word-smithing.

It is supported by Rule 7, Section 5
A strike is called by the umpire:
M. When a pitched ball is prevented from entering the strike zone by any actions of the batter other than hitting the ball.
Effect: The ball is dead and a strike is called.

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Old Thu Nov 06, 2008, 10:06am
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We only can have an interference out if the batter is 'actively hindering the catcher while in the batter's box' (ASA 7.6.Q) or if the batter prevented the pitched ball from entering the strike zone (ASA 7.4.M) with 2 strikes on the batter.

We can only have the interference call (hindering) if there is a possible play. In my mind, someone would have to be stealing or a runner would have to be an undeniably dead duck (fell down in between bases). Without the potential for a play, I don't think I would rule interference.

Since the interference would not be interference until the batter touched the ball, and since the strike call for preventing a pitch to enter the strike zone would happen simultaneously, I think we could correctly rule that we could have (if there are 2 strikes) a strike out on the batter and an interference call to take out the runner closest to home (ASA 8.7.P). Or, with less than 2 strikes, interference on the batter, batter is out and return runners back to bases at TOP.

"If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?" Anton Chigurh - "No Country for Old Men"
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