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Robert Goodman Sun Feb 20, 2011 06:04pm


Originally Posted by Texas Aggie (Post 732285)
No one has given me a rationale for why we have a basic spot where the basic spot comes up when a penalty doesn't give a specific enforcement spot. Why not just have all fouls specify. You have many spots -- spot of the foul, end of the run, previous spot, succeeding spot, etc. On holding, the specified enforcement spot could be, "spot of the foul, unless the end of the related run or end of the pass is behind the spot, then end of the run/pass."

Technical terms are defined to save words. Count the number of times "basic spot" occurs, add the words used in definiing it, and see whether fewer words would used in the rule book with or without it. If the term doesn't save words, it doesn't justify its existence.

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