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Old Sun Apr 07, 2013, 06:32am
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Originally Posted by TheOracle View Post
That is how things work in every business. The victim mentality works for nobody. I wish you the best of luck.
Not necessarily. It doesn't even work that way in OUR business, depending on the conference or association. Some allow coaches to have a huge influence over officiating assignments, including "scratches" to prevent certain officials from working their games. Those scratches lead to a big conflict of interest for officials when working games.

Other conferences and associations limit coach influence or disallow it completely.
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Old Sun Apr 07, 2013, 06:43am
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Originally Posted by TheOracle View Post
I will believe Sean Miller over Ed Rush.
With this and your other comments about Ed, it's you that sounds bitter.

It's amazingly hypocritical to say that we have to take Sean Miller at his word, but not apply the same standard to Ed.

Originally Posted by TheOracle View Post
You kick a call, you have to give the coach a little leeway. Not middle of court F-bomb leeway, but Miller was not completely out of line. An evaluator is giving Irving a double minus on that T, and dinging the crew for missing that call.
I don't think anyone has disputed the kicked call ... Nor the tech, except within the context that the official called it because he was bribed something in my opinion that is completely false.

Kicked call. Not a great T. That's not what this thread is about though.

[QUOTE=TheOracle;889298You sound bitter about your T deal. It happens. Keep doing what you do, and if it is meant to be, you'll ascend and prove the coach wrong.[/QUOTE]

Just because I adamantly believe that something is wrong does not make me bitter. I am not bitter towards anyone about it not the coach nor the coordinator ... It's simply the system and what is accepted that needs to be changed.

And I appreciate the pep talk, but I took a year off from officiating last year ... Which turned into two this year. Focused on other things now, so I don't really see myself going back to it too much of a headache.

But I do think that your statement about ascending if you keep doing the right things is true ... It's just going to happen elsewhere for me than officiating. Well, on the court anyway.
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Old Sun Apr 07, 2013, 06:59am
Whack! Get Out!!!
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Originally Posted by TheOracle View Post
If someone is lying in this case, I choose to beileve Sean Miller over Ed Rush.


.Rush had a personal problem with Miller. He did not lilke him. I beileve, based on what I have read, that he took an opportunity to get him back through his officials, and by circumstance, you can make the case that it happened.

As someone who officiated, supervised, and now evaluates...
And there you have it you are choosing to believe that Ed is lying. Who knows why. Maybe you have a vendetta against him??? It sure sounds like you are not a fan.

You are choosing to believe an anonymous, likely disgruntled, source who's account contradicts what Rush has said. The Pac-12 did its own investigation, interviewed EVERYBODY, and got the story of what really happened a joke that was not targeted at ANYONE, but that was about bench decorum in general. That is also what Ed said in his interview, which was too late to sway any public opinion since the anonymous source's version has already been out for days.

I was also personally told by someone in the Pac-12 office that the statement was NOT repeated twice ... Another mad up lie either by the source or the sports media.

Obviously people are going to choose to believe what they want. When fans and coaches and sports writers believe the worst about officials, I expect it. When officials do the same, I'm disappointed.

Ed Rush is 72 years old and has made huge contributions to officiating certainly more than anyone on this board. He assisted with training for the PAC-12 for the past 2-3 years before being the coordinator ... Simply trying to help better officials. Through a career as an NBA official, then coordinator of NBA officials, then coordinator of the Pac-12 the only bad things the media can say about him are these recent comments, which were completely perverted from the truth, and a 10+ year old remark from Mark Cuban about Dairy Queen.

That someone could be maligned so quickly in the sports media based on a single anonymous source is frightening. (Do you think they would EVER do that to a coach?!) ... That officials buy into the spin right along with everyone else, is disappointing.
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Old Tue Apr 09, 2013, 08:08pm
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ESPN: Ed Rush interview

ESPN is advertising that it will air an interview with Ed Rush tomorrow.

I would have posted this in the previous thread about him and the PAC12, but some mod closed it. I don't see why. There was good discussion taking place and no one had posted improperly. Re-open it and move this post there!
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Old Tue Apr 09, 2013, 09:43pm
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I had closed it as I thought it had run its course. Consider it open.
Sprinkles are for winners.
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Old Wed Apr 10, 2013, 11:36am
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Seems the Pac 12 isn't quite done yet.

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Old Wed Apr 10, 2013, 01:18pm
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In His Own Words

From what I know (and Mr. Rush says at the end) a lot of the older/veteran staff members did not want to take time and break down game videos, clip plays, respond to the conference website for "Plays Of The Week" among other things he wanted done. Mr. Rush was trying to keep the staff accountable for their play calling for the year and some didn't want it.

NCAAM Video: Ed Rush defends his actions - ESPN
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