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Old Tue Aug 29, 2000, 03:42am
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If a team is getting beat badly
how mush of a chance do you give them?
Do you let go all the small things go?
That extra step, illegal dribble,hand check ect.
Let me know what you think.


Allways trying to get better!

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Old Tue Aug 29, 2000, 01:27pm
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Originally posted by joselirizarry:

If a team is getting bet badly
how mush of a chance do you give them?
Do you let go all the small things go?
That extra step, illegal dribble,hand check ect.
Let me know what you think.

I weigh these questions on a game-to-game basis.
I am continually asking myself, "Does it matter?"
Is there anything to be gained by calling a violation, or foul? Generally, I think there is, though in some cases with regard to poorly coached/trained teams, sometimes not.
When all the bench warmers are playing, there is bound to be a lot of violations/fouls; and if the violations/fouls are not called, then the players and parents could go away wondering why the player has been sitting the entire game since that player was so perfect.
Late in a blowout varsity game last year, I called a push on a sub; and as we were lining up for the free throw, I mentioned that he "just got in the paper" (your name gets print if you foul U.P. here, even if you don't score), and all the players along the lane just cracked up.

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Old Tue Aug 29, 2000, 02:57pm
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Touchy subject.

we as officials aren't suppost to treat players different depending on the time or score. However we all know that in a one sided game, sometimes the best thing we can do is to have a hard time picking up a pivot foot or miss a toe on the line.(be aware of which side of the court the team benches are on!) When it come to fouls, to me it doesn't matter who's on the court! Be it number 12 player on the team or a star player i will call all the fouls that i would normally would. Why????

Preventative officiating. By changing your call selection in the game the players, coaches, fans, and others see that you've lost interest in the game and that its open season. Very few officials are able to stay focused in games that have lost its intensity. All it takes is one pass and the players energy level on the court can be raised. This is what we don't what in a 20 point game.

What i will do when its a 20 point game is talk to the players more. This is done because of the players on the court, usually less experienced players who could you the guidence. If i can eliminate calling a foul i will.

Rememer be consistant throughout the whole game.

Keep smiling
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Old Tue Aug 29, 2000, 03:39pm
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I am so sorry, but I feel that you should never and I mean NEVER, help one team out over the other under any circumstances. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure and being accused of doing what you are not trying to do. You lose your intergrety doing this. All it takes is one call and you can be accused of turning the tide. Call the game the same way you have from start to finish and you cannot go wrong.
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Old Wed Aug 30, 2000, 04:52pm
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Mid way through the 2nd half, 20+point lead. Its evident the team behind is out matched. I will try to keep the game moving. If i can hold my whistle on contact that was a foul in the 1st half against the team behind, providing i think its best for the game then i will hold my whistle. I am less likely to look for calls. I still keep the game under control. Its true, when the subs cone in, I may have to make the calls when they get stupid.
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Old Tue Sep 05, 2000, 06:38pm
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It didn't mentioned what kind of game. Varisty, JV, Rec,or youth. Be consistent at all times. Make sure you and your partner(s) are on the same page. Don't expect to get it right in the beginning of your career. You have to learn to get a feel for each game.
If both teams are playing subs, I might let a few things go equally for both sides. At the first sign of rough play,Crack down on it ASAP. Good luck.

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