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Old Wed Jan 16, 2002, 09:05am
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I have been asked to give a presentation at our association meeting this evening on back court violations. I know we have covered this before but can we go over it 1 more time please? I understand that there are 4 things that have to occur for a backcourt violation. 1. Team A must have control. 2. The ball must have attained front court status.
3. A player from team A must be the last player to touch the ball before it enters the backcourt 4. A player from team A must be the first player to touch the ball after it enters the backcourt.

Correct me now if I'm wrong. A ball that is deflected or batted away from a team A player by B does not relinquish team A's control? Here is the scenario: Player A1 in front court passes to A2. B1 deflects the ball. The ball then touches A1 again(in front court) and goes into backcourt. A2 retrieves the ball in backcourt. Violation by A? If, indeed team A does not relinquish team control on a ball deflected by B, could A have called a timeout to avoid the backcourt violation?

Please give NF rule or casebook references. Thanks for your help.
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Old Wed Jan 16, 2002, 09:24am
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Your example is indeed a backcourt violation because it meets all the criteria you list. It is the same as if the defender had hit the ball into the offensive player's leg and went into the backcourt.

A could not have called/(requested) a time out because player control is required, not just team control. (8-3-a). I guess to be technical, A could request a time out, but it should not be granted by the official.
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Old Wed Jan 16, 2002, 11:53am
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A lot of the confusion on this rule has to do with the definition of team control. B1 batting the ball does not establish team control for team B in the same manner that if team B had team control, the ball deflecting off A1 would not establish team control for team A.

A team can only lose team control if: the other team gains it, there is a try or tap or there is a dead ball. If you have team control, the only way the other team can "take it from you" (or if there is no team control, the only way they can establish it) is if one of their players gains player control. Player control is defined as a player "holding or dribbling a live ball inbounds". Therefore, a bat or a deflection does not establish player control, so a bat or deflection cannot establish (or take) team control.

That's part of why your case is a violation. Team A was always in control despite the bat by B1.
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