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Old Thu Dec 14, 2006, 10:50am
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Fresham and JV team @ Varsity Game

just wanted to get some feedback from you all on something that I witnessed last night :
I worked a freshman and JV game last night and then stuck around to watch some of the Varsity game . The gym where the game was being played had stands across from the scorers table for both the home and visitor fans . The gym also had some limited seating tableside behind both the home and visitors bench where the freshman and Jv teams were sitting to watch the Varsity game . From the beginning of the game the freshman and JV boys from the home team were extremely vocal in their support of their Varsity team which I though was great .
Somewhere around the middle of the first quarter the support for their team turned in to razzing of the visiting team . At first the razzing was mild ("Nice Haircut #12") and then it got more personal towards the players as in "hey #12 you suck" . It also got personal towrds the coaches of the Varsity to the point where there was a minor verbal altercation between an asst coach and the "fans" when the teams went in at the half . I was very disturbed that the Varsity coach , who was 3 feet in front of these kids on the bench nor any school officials said anything to these kids at all . Because nobody said anything the kids kept pushing the envelope on what they were saying . I thought it was a really really poor show of sportsmanship especailly since the kids doing all the yelling were part of the basketball program .
My question is that as an official is there anything that we can say or do in this instance ? Do you think asking the varsity coach or game management to ask these kids to cut out the personal comments is overstepping our responsibilities ? To be quite honest I know for sure I would have said something to the coach or to game management....I am just not sure ifthat would be the proper thing to do by rule .
I left in the middle of the 3rd quarter so maybe the situation was addressed after I left . BTW a air horn was confiscated from these fans/players the second time they blew it during a opponets free throw
Thanks .
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Old Thu Dec 14, 2006, 11:17am
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You weren't working that game, so it might not have been your responsibility to say anything, but since you were working before, and game management knew you, maybe you could have gotten someone's ear. My hunch is that the Varsity crew did say something.

My feeling is that it isn't our job to police the stands, regardless of who is there. If GM doesn't take care of any issues when asked, then it becomes difficult. There are rules for assessing penalties to a team based on fan behaviour, but I sure do not want to go there.

I did see a Varsity official toss a kid who had just played the JV game, though. It was a similar situation what you described, only the kid addressed the official directly.

Here's how it went down. Foul call, official reports, points at the kid then the locker and says "OUT". GM escorts the kid out of the gym. I talked to the official afterwards to get the story. The kid made mention of how great a call was just made. BTW, this was about 2min into the game.

Not sure what would have happened if GM didn't get the kid out of there. He was sitting behind the team close to the scorers table.
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Old Thu Dec 14, 2006, 11:28am
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unless a fan -- because that's what these kids are now are FANS not players -- addresses me or tries to distrupt the game this is entirely on game management. Dont poke your nose where it dont belong. If the visiting coach brings it up to you then address it but you dont know if these fans knew the visitng players and were being high school kids. There was no cursing or obscene language or gestures or any threats. The most I would have done was during a stoppage in play (if i was officiating the game) would be to just ask game management it they could have a seat in the middle of the offending section for a bit to relax the kids down, or remind the kids not to cross the line. But other than that stay out of it.
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Old Thu Dec 14, 2006, 12:02pm
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You can always address it afterward with the AD; as a spectator. Just a quick note, if you feel the need, addressing what seemed to you to be poor sportsmanship. As an official; not much you can do.
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Old Thu Dec 14, 2006, 12:49pm
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Two words....

Obscene or Racial.

If the comments from the stands go there, then that will get me to talk to GM to handle. Other than that, chalk it up to poor sportsmanship and realize we can't save the world.
Dan Ivey
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