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Old Wed Jan 24, 2001, 11:09am
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In our area Jv games are played first and then followed by the Varsity game. During the JV game the varsity coach will sit on the bench during the JV game and because they are bench personal they get Technical fouls. My question is what if a Varsity coach gets ejected in a JV game, can he still coach his varsity game that follows the JV game?
The same as far as the JV coach, if he gets ejected from his game can he now sit on the Varsity bench in the same night? Has anyone seen this happen and if you did what was done. Thanks
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Old Wed Jan 24, 2001, 11:18am
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Dibbs: I'd say yes unless there is somthing in your state or association which would prohibit him/her from returning. Chances are the same refs won't do the same game, sometimes here they do, however, the coach will know how far he/she can go if they do.
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Old Wed Jan 24, 2001, 11:42am
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Lightbulb In Indiana,...

It's not up to the officials! It's a matter between the IHSAA and the school involved.

Don't get yourself into this mess!
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Old Wed Jan 24, 2001, 11:43am
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Gotta check with your state. Every state is different, so what we do here, is probably not the same there.
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Old Wed Jan 24, 2001, 01:08pm
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In my part of Missouri we work doubleheaders. The situation of a varsity coach being ejected from a JV game has happened once or twice. In these situations the varsity coach got to coach the varsity game. If ejected from a game you must sit the next game at the level at which you were ejected.
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Old Wed Jan 24, 2001, 01:37pm
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At one of our association meetings last year we were told of a situation that the officials were not aware of until after the games were over. Two JV games going on simultaneously in 2 gyms. One of the boys JV coaches was ejected from his game during the 2nd quarter. He went next door to watch the girls JV game. Then the girls JV coach was ejected in the 3rd quarter of her game. The boys coach then went down to the girls bench as an ass't. The girls coach then went over the boys game as an ass't. Like I said, no one knew what was going on until after the games were over and all 4 officials were in the locker room talking. We had a long discussion on whether this was allowed or not. Finally, we ended up agreeing that an ejected coach is only ejected from HIS game. If he wants to watch or assisst in another game next door, then we have no jurisdiction over the other game.

I would have never thought of this happening if it wouldn't have been brought up in our meeting.
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Old Wed Jan 24, 2001, 02:42pm
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Schmidt MJ, By rule, does an assistant coach HAVE to ride the bench during the game? I'm probably wrong, but i was thinking you can't pull someone from the stands to coach. And if he is listed as an assistant he cannot sit up in the stands. Help me out, what is the rule?
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