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Old Thu Mar 11, 2004, 12:40am
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It is not easy to talk to experts about what you think they do wrong, (but you don't), and not sound holier-than-thou.
Come to think of it, for you to know that everyone else was wrong, when you were not in their shoes, you may be.

- SamIAm (Senior Registered User) - (Concerning all judgement calls - they depend on age, ability, and severity)
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Old Thu Mar 11, 2004, 09:23am
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I was mearly expressing an opinion of mine which is contrary to what many officials on here think; I realize I'm not going to convince those who have made up their minds on the subject to change their ways. Hopefully, through this little controversy we've had some lively debate and maybe some official will take a step back and think twice next time before they set a ball down. Or, maybe - just maybe - I'll start putting the ball down because I respect the opinions of those on this board!?!?! I promise I do not feel superior to anyone who doesn't agree with my opinions, and I apologize to anyone who has felt slighted.
Big time refs, make Big time
calls in Big time situations!!!
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Old Thu Mar 11, 2004, 09:57am
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Re: Re: Snaqwells

BTW, I could see making the argument that we should call three seconds rather than talking to the kids. While I'm trying to get A32 out of the paint, and I'm focused on trying to communicate with him, B15 might just knock A20 on the floor and I missed it because I was discussing the philosophy of time with A32.

[Edited by Snaqwells on Mar 9th, 2004 at 05:18 PM] [/B]
Or a more likely, A1 in the paint, 3,4,5 sec. B1, now getting impatient, pushes A1, beep, foul on B1.

This was a POE last year becaues of this foul.
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