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Old Fri Dec 15, 2000, 02:22am
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I think Mike is right. As long as comments are performance oriented rather than personally oriented it should be allowed within reason.
As a rookie I was taught a trick by an experienced partner- as soon as that coach gets a little lippy the first time, give him/her a good wink. It'll either drive them beserk and you know you have a problem coach or it'll bring them back to reality. I have only had to use this three times but it really seems to work.
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Old Fri Dec 15, 2000, 08:45am
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Talking Wink Wink

What do you do if it drives the coach Bezerk? Prepare for a long evening?

With all the posts about staying away from the benches, I amy just start going to the far corner of the reporting area to report the fouls.

Does anyone have any suggestions on something I can do to "tune out" the coaches (and fans)?

This year, I've taken the Steve Javi (sp???) approach to officiating and that appears to be too hardline of an approach.

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Old Fri Dec 15, 2000, 10:18am
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I think that a lot of times it's hard for some officials to ignore coaches - maybe it's a personality thing or something.

We use the same approach in baseball and football and it works in basketball also:

Work hard to realize, the coach is paid a salary to coach. This is the way he pays his bills.

Unless you're in the NBA officiating is a sideline job for most of us. We must allow him to coach as long as he doesn't interfere with our job as officials.

A coach commenting on a call is his job as long as it's not personal. In training our young officials, we teach them if you can't take a coach commenting about your calls, then maybe officiating is just not for you.

I agree that if the coach makes it personal then a T is a great way to restore order to the contest; however, he should be allowed to say over the back, three seconds, etc., as that's part of his job.

That's why NF puts the coaching box in play. As long as the coach stays in the box he can coach. Now if he's out the box, you can always suggest that he return to his box.

My suggestion as far as learning to deal with coaches, establish what is the magic word for you. If they violate that, then give the T.


You suck

You are a disgrace

You need to call it both ways (if he's suggesting that you are a homer)

Never allow the coach to insinuate that you are cheating, and never allow a coach to curse at you.

Everything else is just part of the game. If you can't handle it, then move on to baseball. You're a lot further from the fans and the coaches. (g)


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