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Old Wed Jan 14, 2004, 11:57pm
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Re: Assignor/Scheduler

Originally posted by WinterWillie
Originally posted by rcwilco
Back in the Saddle,

I love that thought, well said! Ace, don't burn any bridges as it may pay great dividends in the future but I would let him know that you feel you should be reimbursed and then flow with it (once).
This one touches a nerve. On a HS level in my association, we give an availability sheet to the assignor/scheduler in July for the basketball season which begins in December. The assignor/scheduler doesn't give us our schedule until the last week in November. If we turnback a game after receiving our schedule, we are fined $15. If we have to miss a game because of an emergency (car accident, death in the family, etc.), we have to pay the assignor/scheduler a game fee (Varsity HS $72.85). If the assignor/scheduler sends two crews to do one game, there is no compensation for the crew that doesn't work.
The assignor/scheduler does not have any liability for screwing up. The assignor/scheduler (in my association we call them commissioners because we have to pay them 7% of the game fee when we are assigned a game) makes about $45,000 for assigning games. The best schedule we could possibly get from
him would be 40-45 games on the varsity level (45 X $72.85),
you can do the numbers. The assignor/scheduler screws up alot in my association because he does everything by hand (he doesn't believe in computers) which only makes it worse.
My complaint is that there should be some type of penalty in place as an incentive for the assignor/scheduler to avoid these mistakes. As it is now, they hold all the cards. And, you know what happens if you complain.
Welcome the wonderful world of IAABO basketball!
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Old Thu Jan 15, 2004, 10:01am
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Re: Re: Assignor/Scheduler

Originally posted by BktBallRef
Welcome the wonderful world of IAABO basketball!
That's kind of unfair, Tony. IAABO doesn't have rules in place regarding fines for missing assignments or rules for assignors who mess up. The AD's in a given IAABO territory generally choose the assignor; the assignor is paid by the AD's. The assignor makes his/her own rules regarding turn-backs, etc.

If the membership of the local IAABO board is dissatisfied with the assignor, they can do one of at least two things. They can tell the AD's from whom they contract that they will not accept assignments from the current assignor. Or they can propose their own candidate for the assignor's position when it's time to renew the assignor's "contract" with the AD's.

Obviously, they could also go directly to the assignor and discuss the situation with him/her.

All of these things would be done through the association's Executive Committee.

Yes, it's true that you don't deal with this kind of issue when you solicit your own games directly from the AD's. But there is a down side to that, too. Having a central assignor has its plusses and minuses; but I think that none of them is a direct result of IAABO rules.
Any NCAA rules and interpretations in this post are relevant for men's games only!
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