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Originally Posted by TimTaylor View Post
OK, let's look at this another way. This wasn't a 1+1 situation as described in BillyMac's case reference regarding incorrect instructions from an official on a 1+1 - not even remotely close.

1. Per the OP's situation as described, A1 was awarded 2 free throws.

2. Per 7-2-a, the ball becomes dead when it is apparent that a free throw will not be successful on a free throw which is to be followed by another free throw. It's automatically dead - there is nothing that requires an official's whistle.

3. Now let's look at 5-1: A goal is made when a live ball enters the basket from above and remains in or passes through.

As the ball was immediately dead after A1's miss on the first FT attempt per 7-2-a, B1 can't possibly score because it is not a goal per 5-1.

The correct ruling is to disallow/cancel the "goal" by B1 and line everyone up for A1's 2nd attempt.
The rule book lays out how to handle not awarding a merited free throw, and that doesn't include canceling the score by Team B.

In fact, and I don't have my rule book handy, I believe it says something like "everything that happens before the error is found, including scoring, is not cancelled."

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