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Originally Posted by potato View Post
does it matter if it's a pass or dribble unless the player just caught the ball while in the air (from a pass or rebound), since you can't catch your own pass and you can't dribble if you got the ball before jumping.
What I think you're asking: "Why are you guys arguing about whether it's a pass or a dribble since either one is illegal?"

If that is correct, then you are right that once A1 touches the ball the play is illegal. But if it's (determined to be) a pass, then it's not illegal until it's touched by A1. If it's (determined to be) a dribble, then it *might* be illegal as soon as A1 begins the dribble. And, you *might* not be able to determine which it is until later (or maybe you can make such a determination). That's the focus of the discussion.

if it was an alleyoop or rebound he probably can do start a dribble.
No "probably" about it, and also not the play we are discussing.
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