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Originally Posted by potato View Post
If A goes for a shot and B blocks & commits a foul, while still airborne, A pushes B away and makes the shot, would A be called for a foul or game stops when the defense commits a foul and a free throw awarded, or would A be awarded a free throw and A takes a foul and ball starts as if A commited a foul, but what if A missed the freethrow?
Always appreciate the challenge of considering a situation, but your blended statements and random punctuation and lack thereof render your situation difficult to understand. Could you please rephrase the situation more clearly and give me another chance to try to figure it out?

Originally Posted by potato View Post
Usually double foul happens when a defensive foul is followed by another defensive foul,
This isn't compatible with the definition of a "double foul"...

Originally Posted by potato View Post
...and rarely followed by an offensive foul, but it can happen if B fouled hard and A shoves B away to make a shot.
...though this might. One important consideration that might be helpful is that the defensive foul does not cause the ball to be come dead, but the player control foul does--immediately. That will have an impact on whether to count the score or not.
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