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Originally Posted by Suudy View Post
As I recall, they lined up offsides. It wasn't like they were rushing to try and get back on their side of the ball. The defensive tackle lined up in the NZ.

No hurry. We stopped the clock to move the chains. Everyone was on their own side of the ball, ready to go. My U was standing over the ball waiting for me, reminding the center to wait for the whistle. I pointed to the U, he backed off, and I chopped it in. Just as the ball was snapped, the wing threw the flag.

But perhaps it was nitpicky. It was obvious they were going to spike the ball (the QB was making the usual spiking motion as they came down field). Encroachment gained them no advantage. And the B coach didn't complain about the call.
Well...there is a popular mechanic to wait to flag encroachment at or near the snap for players lining up in the NZ, in this case, if your defensive tackle was lined up in the NZ when you chopped it in, the 2 seconds should have never ran off, he was offside, should have flagged and killed the clock right there (or reset to 08 from 06, although if you started the clock at 08 and he jumped in at 06 then no reset). The penalty with the clock running would keep it running on the ready, but if a penalty gives a team an advantage with the clock the R has the authority to start or not start the clock. B's foul gave them an additional advantage by keeping A from "clocking" the ball. Yes they could have clocked it on the ready, but the door is open for B to 'abuse' the clock.
As I read through the thread I was thinking I'd have done almost everything as you had (except adding the 2 seconds) but upon reading this post, I would have added the 2 seconds, "scolded" my wing for letting those 2 seconds run off the clock, and start on the snap.

And a coach can request a conference up until the quarter/game has officially ended. I know most of the time the officials just sprint off the field at the end of the game, but we do have a signal to officially end the game...

NFHS 3.3.5 At the end of each period the referee SHALL hold the ball in one hand overhead to indicate the period has officially ended, after delaying momentarily to ensure that: a. No foul has occured; b. No obvious timing error has occured; No request for a coach-referee conference has occured; d. No other irregularity has occured.

emphasis mine, its not a may but a shall, so I use it, I take the opportunity to make eye contact with each of my crew, each sideline and collect a football and give the sign and then I sprint off the field. I would hate to sprint off the field and have to sprint back because my BJ who was 100 yards from the lockerroom got caught up in a coach referee conference, or had flagged an IP on the last play and we all missed it. We enter as a crew and leave as a crew.
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