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Originally Posted by Back In The Saddle View Post
We discussed this one at length in the past year, I believe. Shooting the free throws "out of order" is not a correctable error. All merited free throws were shot. Presumably they were all shot by the proper players, and at the correct basket. Those would be correctable errors. Simply fouling up and shooting them in the wrong order is not a CE. And as long as the offended team receives their throw-in after it's all done, then all salient points of the penalty have been fulfilled.

Play on. Don't foul it up next time.
Yep, straight from the Case Book:
8.7 SITUATION B: B1 fouls A1 just as the first quarter ends and then A1 retaliates and intentionally contacts B1. A1ís foul is a technical foul as it occurred during a dead ball. Team A is in the bonus. The officials by mistake administer the penalty for the technical foul before the free throw(s) by A1. RULING: The penalties should have been administered in the order in which the fouls occurred. However, since all merited free throws were attempted it does not constitute a correctable error situation. The second quarter will begin with an alternating-possession throw-in. (4-19-5c)
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