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Originally Posted by coach2535
My questions are: Should a reasonable PU warn the player or coach in this sitch?

Can a player, once tossed, be allowed back in the game.

Is this protestable by the other team.

Thanks guys, love this site and respect all you do.
Coach, I'll preface my remarks by noting that you should not expect a lot of sympathy here, and should expect instead some suspicion.

Regarding your questions:

1. I would say that it depends on the level. For 10U, depending on what the kid does, I would probably warn the player. But I threw a high school kid out of a game for arguing balls and strikes, and did so with no warning. The rules require no warning for an ejection over arguing balls and strikes.

2. The rules offer no provision for un-ejecting a player, although again, depending on the level, I might try to talk my partner out of it. I would not listen to a coach who tried to talk me out of it.

3. Protests generally depend on league rules. Ordinarily an ejection over arguing balls and strikes would not be protestable, as it is a judgment call rather than a rules interpretation issue.
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