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Just Touch The Division Line ...

... not step over the division line into the backcourt.

I believe that we have already discussed this on the Forum.

Originally Posted by Scrapper1 View Post
To me, this sounds like after a backcourt violation, the ball will be put in play at the spot closest to where the violation occurred, rather than one of the 4 pre-determined spots. The violation is committed by the offense (not the defense) in the offensive team's backcourt (not the frontcourt).
Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
While the division line is in the backcourt for the team that stepped on it, it is also in the backcourt of the team getting the ball. So, the new offensive team is still getting that ball in their own backcourt. Thus, it stays at the line. But, that argument is only clear if they step only on the painted line itself an not over the line. If they step entirely past the line, that does put them into the other teams frontcourt ...
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Hopefully the NFHS will clarify all the many questions broached in this thread with more precise rule language and interpretations ...
A recent issue of IAABO Sportorials magazine listed this as an NFHS Update and Interpretation.

Backcourt Situations:

Play 1: Team A has control of the ball in the frontcourt when A-1 while holding the ball steps on the division line causing a backcourt violation. Based on a decision NFHS Rules Editor Lindsey Atkinson has made this week, the ball will be awarded to Team B at the nearest 28-foot markin Team B’s frontcourt. It should be noted that this interpretation is different from the interpretation in both NCAA Men and Women’s rules. Under NCAA rules, the ball is awarded to Team B at the division line for this specificbackcourt violation.

Play 2: A-1 has control of the ball in the frontcourt and throws a pass that hits the division line and then is caught by A-2 standing in Team A’s frontcourt. Since A-2 was in Team A’s frontcourt when the violation occurred, Team B will be awarded the ball for a backcourt throw-in nearest to where the violation occurred

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