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Let's Go To The Videotape ...

Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
It was previously prohibited as rolling them in any way was not considered to be worn as the manufacturer intended. The new rule change now allows the waistbands to be rolled, but it is silent on any other variation. Thus, the restriction remains with regards to the bottom of the pants. The desire to roll the bottoms was in response to rolling the waistband being restricted as a way to shorten the overall length. Now that the waistbands can be rolled, there should be no motivation to roll the legs up.
A note was added to Rule 3-5-5 to permit folding or rolling the shorts at the natural waistband seam. The new language does state that the shorts have to be in compliance with Rule 3-4-5, which restricts uniform pants/skirts to one visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference. Theresia Wynns, NFHS director of sports and officials and liaison to the Basketball Rules Committee, said this addition to Rule 3-5-5 modernizes the rule and allows players to adjust the shorts in a manner that serves no harm to the game or its integrity.

3-5-5: Add Note: NOTE: Provided the shorts are not in conflict with 3-4-5, no drawstring or other part of the shorts intended to maintain them in a normal position causes potential harm to the player or others and wearing of the shorts is not objectionable in exposing the anatomy, there is no restriction on folding or rolling the shorts at the natural waistband seam.
Rationale: Rolling of the shorts is only illegal by interpretation, not by current rule. This is an attempt to modernize the rule and allow what players seem to want and what serves as no harm to the game or its integrity. In particular, this interpretation was made because allegedly manufacturers did not intend on the shorts to be rolled when in fact many manufacturer reps will tell you that the seams are intentionally made to offer options in the way they are worn.

Team Member’s Equipment (3-5-5): Added Note: This note provides states an opportunity to ease the rule on wearing the shorts as intended as long as there is not a conflict with Rule 3-4-5, the drawstring or other parts do not cause harm to the wearer or others and the shorts are worn in a manner that parts of the anatomy are not objectionably exposed. Rolling or folding the shorts at the natural waistband may be allowed.
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