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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I can't disagree with you regarding the behind the head signal.

We've got more than just a few guys who use the team control foul "punch" for a player control foul (especially as a preliminary signal). It certainly looks strong and decisive (certainly stronger and more decisive than the behind the head signal).

Why don't the powers that be (NFHS or IAABO) change to this signal? I know the definitions of a player control foul and a team control foul are not 100% exactly the same (airborne shooter), but that can't be the only reason why we keep the antiquated behind the head signal.

Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. was using the behind the head signal when there were peach baskets, and laced basket balls (two words).
For my player control foul signal, I stop the clock with a raised fist in the direction that play came from, I put the other hand behind my head, and I punch forward with the hand that stopped the clock. While I do this, I slide forward with the foot on the same side as the hand that punches forward. Thus, I combine the book signal with the punch used for a team control foul and the direction that play will go. I also say "player control (foul)", and will give a supplementary signal if needed (player with the ball wards off an opponent). For my "score the goal" signal, I use a fist (or open hand, if the shot in question is a last second shot), drop the hand to about waist level, and show the appropriate number of fingers (or the number of fingers followed by the three point attempt made signal, if a three-point shot). I do not use the downward punch for the "score the goal" signal.
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