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Just Move On And Play The Game ...

Originally Posted by nolanjj68 View Post
... not sure why anyone here would say it's not T worthy ...
Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
... only under extreme circumstances.
If it's directed at the official as a serious complaint about a foul not being called, then it may be an unsporting issue, and handled like any other unsporting issue (oral warning, written warning (bench), technical foul). But around here the statement is often an automatic response from players, substitutes, and fans, that there may have been some contact, but after being said, they just move on and play the game.

Yes, it is possible that in extreme circumstances, it can be unsporting, but around here it has become so common place that it often doesn't even register as an irritant anymore. Sometimes I just smile, and shake my head, sometimes I just ignore.
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