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Originally Posted by SNIPERBBB View Post

1 No free throws for common fouls prior to the 6th team foul of each quarter
What the? No. More free-throws are a horrible idea.
2 Technical foul for slapping backboard even during a try
Why not just goal tending?
3 Quarters to halves
Don't care.
4 3-foot arc(aka restricted area)
Sure. Would help me in the college game.
5 Home uniforms to dark colors, visitors to white
Don't care.
6 Allow a coach to request a time-out near the end of the game to allow for bench personnel to enter the game and only for that purpose.
7 Shot clock by state adoption
8 Shot Clock nationally
I'm not sure a shot clock will help anything. I've seen it make bad teams even worse.
9. More accessory color allowances
Jesus no.
10 Allow tipped-ball signal for help on OOB calls
Seems redundant. And they won't buy it either way.
11 Single signal for TC and PC fouls
12 Beginning with 6th team foul each quarter, awarding 2 FT's for subsequent fouls
13. Reset team fouls to 0 each quarter if 1-1 is eleminated
As in changed via 12? Maybe.
14 Permitting headbands with knots or tails and increasing headband width
15 Coaches can only call TO's during deadball periods
16. Eleminating start of game/OT with jump ball
17 Allow coaches to request 30 second TO if only 60 second TO's remain available
Don't care
18 Direct T to coach for players entering game with illegal equipment
Will only rile up the coach
19 Screener's must be not be out of bounds
I didn't realize this wasn't illegal.
20 Dunking during pregame is a conduct warning to head coach
Why not just make it legal then?
21 Disallowing timeout countdowns showing on game clock instead of the game time
Don't care.
22 10 second backcourt count resumes if defense causes the ball to go out of bounds, resets for anything else
Hard to confirm unless we have a shot clock.
23 Warmup gear must be removed 3:00 before game time
Don't want to enforce any more fashion rules.
The only thing I would like is an RA and a shot clock, but purely for the selfish reason that I could use it to improve my college mechanics. An RA might be good for HS ball, but the shot clock only screws over the terrible teams. Or teams might adjust over time.

Can anyone dispute or confirm my suspicions?
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