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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Here in Connecticut we have an additional "Connecticut only" signal. In our primary coverage area, we point to floor for a two point field goal attempt when the shooter has a foot touching the three point line.

We also used to have a not closely guarded "Connecticut only" signal (arms spread wide apart), but IAABO International made us give it up, saying the correct signal was just not counting.
I do #1 even though it’s technically not “approved” because it saves me from having to deal with the “was that a 3?” dumb question from the table. If we’re not signaling touchdown then obviously it’s not a 3, but most tables in my experience can’t grasp that concept.

I never use the “not closely guarded” signal. If I’m not counting, then obviously they are not closely guarded in my judgment. Difference from the other signal is that the table is not involved.
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