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Play 1- I'm scoring the basket. In slow-mo instant replay you can justify a non shooting foul but I usually err on the side of counting the basket.

Play 2- Good example of the body bump on a ball handler that has been a recent point of emphasis. It precedes the hook by the offense. Interesting that there was a triple whistle.

Ply 3- Can't tell from the video if its a foul or not. But I don't like calling stuff up high from across the paint. I have found those types of plays to be among the most inaccurate from any position on the court. Maybe there was some follow through contact on the front side but I'd like to defer to the C here and leave that alone.

Play 4- Nothing

Play 5- Correct call that everyone who doesnt understand the rules is going to cry about.

Play 6- I have a block from the L's angle. The defender slides into the path of the airborne shooter who was attempting to go around the defender.
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