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Originally Posted by paulsonj72 View Post
After a made field goal when does the 5 second count for the ball to be inbounded. In a state qualifier in Minnesota tonight a team scored with about 6 seconds to go to cut the lead to 1 and was out of time outs. The team in the lead never inbounded the ball and won by 1. IIRC the count begins when the ball is placed at the disposal of the player throwing the ball inbounds and since there were less than 5 seconds left when this happened the game ended. Is this the proper way to handle the situation.
Very risky for the inbounding team, unless their coach was watching the official's count. Easily could have had a violation with the opposing team having enough time to get off a shot. If behind, I would have tried to save a timeout for this situation, but if not, I would call timeout anyway, and hope for some misses.
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