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Old Sun Aug 21, 2005, 02:32pm
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Annoying little things I've noticed in both the baseball and softball game umpires:

Today's KY/LA game, PU gives count after almost every pitch including a lead-off ball. He is the first umpire I've noticed that isn't bending over with hands on knees. Closest thing to working a good slot, but he seems awfully deep to see the outside of the plate.

3B umpire seemed to be doing a lot of dancing trying to get into position for calls. Made one call at 3B which his signal had him ending up looking at 2B.

Noticed line umps were in fair territory. Don't understand the reason for that.

Also, lot of contact at 1B. Maybe LL will start looking at the double-base even though I'd rather see the players be taught the position properly.

Other games, umpires returning to a set position looking at nothing after the play.

I know these guys are volunteers and for that reason alone they should garner our respect. I just think many could be that much better with more consistant training.

And, as an ASA umpire, I just cannot resist noting how much some of the shoes these guys are wearing reminds me of Shamu.
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Old Mon Aug 22, 2005, 11:01am
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How about the game Sunday evening between Maine and California. PU from Puerto Rico. Verbalizes, rather loud "Hey" then signals strike.

I've never heard a strike call like this before.
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Old Mon Aug 22, 2005, 01:49pm
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Strike calls

Hang around watching baseball stuff long enough, you will hear everything.

One of the better baseball umpires in the Seattle area (good enough to want to recruit him to do fastpitch/slowpitch) is really wonderful...and then you hear his called strike:

"HEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee." Very loud, very high pitched.

Had an umpire from Netherlands for the LLJWS up here...his out calls on the bases sounded like "HYET!" We asked him, semi-seriously, if that was Dutch for "out," but never got a straight answer from him.
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Old Mon Aug 22, 2005, 05:21pm
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I do not know Little League baseball
mechanics-- one thing annoyed me
was a plate umpire in a game I saw
who always loudly called "BALL" on
every pitch that was a ball. I say "ball"
verbally too-- but only give a pronounced
verbalization when it is a close call ball 4 !
Keep everything in front of you
and have fun out there !!
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Old Wed Aug 24, 2005, 05:28pm
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Softball Umpire

First, about calling ball after each pitch in which it is a ball. I do believe that this is universal thought and mechanic for the most part. Every pitch is something. I too have been spoken too about how not to increase my voice on a very close pitch that I call a ball. I just tend to disagree with this. I think and believe it shows that your paying attention and that you were watching or tracking the pitch completely. I believe it goes along with "selling" your call. About the LLWS umpires. Did anyone see the plate umpire on the CA / LA game on Tuesday night. Indiana softball umpire. Best "slot" position of the tournament that I have seen. Good solid hammer and mechanic's in general. Believe he did a high school state final in 2005.
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Old Thu Aug 25, 2005, 09:06pm
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I have been discouraged by watching the umpires at the LLWS at virtually all levels. I went to Michigan and watched the Big League girls finals (WV was in the game). There were umpires there that certainly needed some help. As far as the umps down the line standing in fair territory, that's what LL teaches. I did the JLG Southern Region last year and they want that ump in fair territory. Hopefully I'll get a girls WS next year. Here in our LL district, most of the softball umps do HS and College and ASA so while we are volunteer for LL, we are very qualified at the same time.

I thought the umps in the CA/FL game last night needed some help. The poor guy in LF looked like a deer in the headlights on that HR call (or NO call). I also personally thought it was a no-catch in RF. The kid did not voluntarily release the ball - it rolled out of his glove.

Oh well, I fell better now!
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Old Fri Aug 26, 2005, 12:03am
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I say congratulations to the hard working folks that have made it to this level of LL umpiring by providing years and years of volunteer service to our youth. And most of them spent many other hours as park directors and league officials on top of their umpiring duties.

I would not do it, but I'm glad there are those that will.

P.S. Perhaps it the lack of gloss that makes the LL umpires and players so endearing. Lord knows there are enough role models that are all gloss and no substance.
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