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MD Longhorn Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:07am


Originally Posted by bkdow (Post 861927)
I don't remember the exact verbage but it was something like an unnecessary blow to the quarterback above the shoulders.

I think that's either exactly right, or very close. the fact that he said QB gave me pause. And I agree that on THAT play, it would be UNR anyway, and no enforcement difference.

Like I said, though, it got me thinking about RTP across the line.

zm1283 Tue Nov 13, 2012 01:05pm


Originally Posted by Adam (Post 861831)
Did he pitch it forward?

No, it was an option pitch, or backwards pass.

jchamp Wed Nov 14, 2012 03:56pm


Originally Posted by Welpe (Post 861792)
If it's 10 yards down field before he throws a forward pass, I'd be quite hesitant to throw for roughing unless he was very obviously hit late to the point I'd have thrown for a late hit anyways.

My thoughts on this sort of play is that players still have protection against unnecessary roughness, but if it's a clean hit, well, that's what all the armor is for. Since the OP described the tackle as something that I would normally consider a clean hit, I'm not going to penalize the defense for this.
If B takes two steps after the ball is gone and drives himself into the A illegal passer, I've definitely got PF for UR, in addition to IFP. We'll be replaying the down.

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