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Old Sat May 28, 2005, 04:45pm
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Originally posted by SWFLguy
I laughed at the
"hide behind my umpire" !!
I'm 6'3" 270--- and
I always protected my White
Hat and the others by leading the way
through any crowds after games--
keeping an eye out for any crazed
parent/fan who would do us bodily
harm !!
Treat any threat as REAL !!
Do not let it slide.

We had one couple years ago, my old school. Field is called "the pit". Players and officials exit is thru a tunnel that runs under a walkway, fans hanging over edge just flaming us and our WH. Funny thing was, visitors were down by 1, less than a minute. QB intentional grounds with like 12 seconds remaining, obvious effort to save time. At that time, WH could have started clock on RFP, does not do that, another pass play, incomplete....V loses....they were quick to get to our exit....thank God for security and our own parking area
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Old Tue May 31, 2005, 10:26am
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Originally posted by kdf5
Originally posted by cowbyfan1
...Besides I'm far from being able to out run a bullet.
My wife's employer gave pamphlets to their women employees dealing with women's safety a few days ago. In it, they said that if a mugger has a gun you should run as there is only a 4/100 chance of being struck. I wonder how they came up with that number but in all seriousness that was the recommendation.
I'm not sure about the 4 in 100, but it sounds pretty close. Those of you who shoot pistols will understand why you should always run if someone points a gun at you and never do as they say.
For example, I teach my children to run away if someone pulls up in a car and points a gun at them and says get in the car. Here's my logic.
If you run, odds are probably better than 50/50 the gunman will not shoot. If they do shoot, it's problably better than 50/50 again that you will be hit as you run away. If you are hit it's probably better than 50/50 again that it will be a fatal shot. So at this point you've reduced your odds of being killed from almost 100 percent if you get in the car to 12.5 percent, at worst, if you run.
Now as for myself, if I can't find an umpire behind whom to hide, shoot back.
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