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Old Mon Dec 15, 2003, 04:25pm
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We are about to let one of our crew members go due to various reason, the main one being it helps the crew become better. How would you recommend this procedure happening? Letter, phone, face to face talk? The decision was made by the opther 4 of us last night, so there is no reason for him to ask for another chance. In fact, we are not sure that he even wants to since he has not returned an e-mails, and phone calls.

Help is greatly appriciated.
[email protected]
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Old Mon Dec 15, 2003, 05:15pm
JMN JMN is offline
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My opinion is that whenever you are delivering bad news like this, do it face to face. You must have seen promise in your fellow official at one time to include him on your crew and it is only right to sit down with him and let him know why the crew has decided to let him go.

If after repeated attempts he won't meet with you or return calls, you have no choice but to send a note explaining the decision.

I would encourage you to share all of the positive attributes that this person has as well as the negatives. This way, he can improve himself and become the type of official you may someday want on your crew.

Good luck.
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Old Tue Dec 16, 2003, 10:11am
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REPLY: I agree that it needs to be face-to-face and I think you should be absolutely certain to have all other creww members with you to show that it is a crew decision and that all members of the crew stand united in the decision.

That being said, I also believe that if it comes as a surprise to him, you haven't been covering your bases. I would hope that you've shared feedback with him throughout the season and offered to help him through his difficulties. You should have also 'warned' him that you might need to consider alternatives if his performance doesn't improve. If your upcoming meeting is the first time he hears about your dissatisfaction, then you've not been fair with him.
Bob M.
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Old Tue Dec 16, 2003, 02:25pm
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Wow this is tough. I agree with above though, it has to be done face to face.

Bob is right. It's like when you get a horrible waiter, who doesn't do anything right. Disappears for 20 minutes at a time while all you want is another drink, and gets your order wrong.. all that good stuff. Let's hope that when he gets his tip he doesn't expect a good one. Okay, bad analogy, but I tried.

What position are you looking for? I want to go to HS next year.. lol

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Old Tue Dec 16, 2003, 10:30pm
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Letting a fellow official go is never an easy decision and one most referee's would really not like to perform.

Since releasing an official a few years ago I decided to be upfront with members of my crew and let them know where I stand when things are not going right. That also includes when things are going good. I love to shout out to one of my crew members, "Good call!"

If an official commits an error I will talk to him either during the half or after the game personally and let him know my displeasure and let him know what is expected of him. Now everybody makes mistakes but if you keep making them don't expect to get the opportunity to make more.

Therefore, if you have been talking to an official time after time and the advice has gone unheeded make it a face-to-face if you can and let him know you tried.
Ed Hickland, MBA, CCP
[email protected]
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