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Old Wed Feb 04, 2015, 02:33pm
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20 second injury timeout?????

At any level is there such a thing???

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Old Wed Feb 04, 2015, 02:38pm
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Not a timeout.

The timer shall: Sound a warning signal 15 seconds before the expiration of the 20 seconds (maximum) permitted for replacing a disqualified or injured player, or for a player directed to leave the game.

NOTE: The official shall signal the timer to begin the 20-second interval for replacing an injured player after the injured player has been removed from the court and the coach has been notified that a replacement is required, except as in 3-3-6.
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Old Wed Feb 04, 2015, 02:46pm
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Correct, but no such thing as a 20 second timeout in college?

How is an injury handled for NCAAW?
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Old Wed Feb 04, 2015, 03:00pm
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NCAAM you have 20 seconds to remedy a blood situation. If it can't be fixed in 20 a replacement is required. (or timeout called) For a contact lens you get a "reasonable" amount of time to correct the lens.
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Old Wed Feb 04, 2015, 03:07pm
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I believe the NBA used to give each team one 20 second injury time out. As I recall, they got tired of faked injuries and just turned it into a 20 second time out -- and I believe it evolved into the modern two-tier kinds of TOs.
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Old Wed Feb 04, 2015, 03:19pm
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INJURY: It does not matter if the official stops play for the injury (5-10.6 thru 9) or play has been
stopped for another reason (foul, violation, etc.), the procedure is the same.
1. If a player is injured, the official shall determine if she is ready to play immediately. If so, she
may remain in the game.
2. If she is not ready to play immediately, and bench personnel have been beckoned onto the court
(3-6.3.d), allow as much time as needed to treat the player. (Note: DO NOT start the 20-second
timer while the player is being attended to.)
3. Once the player leaves the court, the official will inform that player’s head coach that he or she
may exercise one of two options (3-6.3.d and .e):
Option 1: Request a timeout*. If the head coach chooses this option, the injured player
must be ready to play when the final horn sounds ending the timeout (5-
14.12.2). If she is not, the coach must immediately choose option 2 below (3-
Option 2: Replace the player with a substitute. When the coach provides an immediate
substitute, there is no need to start the timer. If there is any delay, the official
shall direct the timer to begin the 20-second interval. If a substitute is not
provided at the end of the interval a direct technical foul shall be charged to the
head coach (10-4.5). The injured player may not re-enter the game until the
next legal opportunity to substitute after the clock has started (3-6.1.j).
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Old Thu Feb 05, 2015, 03:56pm
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Thanks Bob!

Next time I see you I'll tell you why I asked this
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