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Old Fri Jan 10, 2003, 10:17am
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When was the last time you made a player control call when the defender did not fall to the floor?
I'm not talking about obvious pushing off or clear outs, but it seems officials in my area Officials are requiring the defender to "fall" in order to get the call in a block/charge scenario. If the defender gets plowed into and just stumbles backwards the call seems to always go block or a no call. And then we wonder why kids are flopping so much? What are other officials seeing?

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Old Fri Jan 10, 2003, 10:32am
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Had that call on Monday. A1 driving right down the lane. He weighed 85lbs soaking wet. B1 jumps straight up, he weighed about 150 soaking wet. A1 and B1 collide in mid air with A1 bouncing backwards and landing on his keester and B1 ending up on his feet about two feet back from where he started. No hesitation, charge! The only argument I got was that B1 had left his feet.
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Old Fri Jan 10, 2003, 10:56am
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Called it Tuesday

The defender was planted more than a full step away. A1 catches the ball and aggressively turns as she starts her dribble. BANG! A1 runs into the B1 and "melts" to the floor.
Charge... Strong signal, report the foul and on we go...

Interestingly A1 who had been chipping on a variety of other calls had no problem with this.

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Old Fri Jan 10, 2003, 11:13am
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I had this early in the year. Defender had 3 fouls and was being careful. He was planted near the rim as the dribbler passed the free throw line. Defender did actually lean AWAY from the contact, upon which he stumbled backward a few steps, looking expectantly at me. Easy call, PC. Coach of the other team actually yelled, "He didn't even fall down!" I laughed out loud. "Never heard that one before, coach." He went on to explain later that he knew nobody actually had to fall down, but his position was (grasping at straws) that the defender was being so cautious in retreating from the contact that it should have been a no-call. Yeah, right.
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