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Old Sun Apr 16, 2000, 05:05pm
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I'm a new official with a question that has been a hot topic my study group. Ncaa rules. A-1 goes up for a shot and is fouled. The force of the foul causes the ball to be knocked out of A-1's hands. A-1 is able to regain control of the ball, shoot and score before returning to the floor. The official calls the foul. Does this goal count? Please give me a reference in the rule book also if you can.
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Old Sun Apr 16, 2000, 07:14pm
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I say the goal does NOT count.
NCAA Rule 6.7 Exception (3): "The trying motion must be continuous and begins after the ball comes to rest in the player's hand or hands and is completed when the ball is clearly in flight."
My opinion is that this is not continuous. Neither is it "the motion that habitually precedes the release of the ball," NCAA Rule 4.26.a.

The ball becomes dead when A1 touches or catches it after the foul.

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Old Mon Apr 17, 2000, 12:16am
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JC is correct. Its a dead ball once the 1st try was touched by the off. player following the foul.

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Old Mon Apr 17, 2000, 04:12pm
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Saw Chris Mullin do this at St. John's in a NCAA tourney game. Would love to hear from other college officials on this one...

yes, by rule, does not count.

however, another one of those "tough to explain" calls if the ball isn't clearly out of possesion. ARE awarding two throws, but wiping out the bucket!

I would only "wipe out the bucket" if the attempt after the foul was clearly a separate act (e.g. one-handed "tip").

Anything close, give 'em the "and one"!
Wise words from a Lead R: "Don't call anything I can't explain"
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