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Old Wed Jan 20, 2010, 07:29pm
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Take The Bull By The Horns ...

I received an interesting email from my Catholic middle school assigner today:

Memo to: Athletic directors and officials
Re: The practice of players screaming in the faces of in-bounders.

Effective immediately this practice will cease. Although it is not prohibited by the NFHS basketball rules, it certainly does not exhibit good Catholic sportsmanship and serves no purpose in our games.

AD's should address this issue immediately with their coaches.

Officials should administer as follows:
First offense, blow whistle. Issue a warning to the head coach that this practice must cease immediately.
Second offense, blow whistle. Issue a technical foul against the head coach, after which he must sit for the remainder of that game.
Third offense, blow whistle. Head coach ejected, and cannot coach any team, until that team has played its next scheduled league game.
Any additional offense, blow whistle, forfeit game.

My assigner is a no nonsense kind of guy. Former military. This is the same assigner that told us that is he ever walks in a gym and sees illegal undershirts and/or headbands, that we won't get paid for the game. No "Fashion Police" problems in this league. Everything was taken care of in the first week. Wish my high school colleagues would take the "fashion" rules as seriously.
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Old Wed Jan 20, 2010, 07:36pm
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Lol....I love it!
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Old Thu Jan 21, 2010, 03:05am
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sorta on topic

JV girls tournament, as soon as my PG get the ball across division line, on ball defender is screaming, I mean S C R E A M I N G, "ball, ball, ball, ball," at my PG's head. It's sooooo obnoxious, and it must be stopped. I call a time out and tell my biggest & most physical post player that I want a legal brick wall screen above the 3 point line on next possession to shut this girl up ( I know sounds awful of me, but this was worst I've ever seen in almost 10 yrs & no way I'm putting up with it). First time down, we whiff. You'd think maybe this might make the screaming banshee look over her shoulder next time down. Nope. Next trip down my PG runs that girl into the screen so hard that she literally slid down the side of the screen to the floor. It was perfect. And sounded awesome, "ball, ball, ball, ba-uhhhhh." She was ok, got up a little slow, but she stopped doing that bush-league crap completely, and we didn't screen her outside our normal m2m offense after that. Oh yeah, we won the game too.

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Old Sat Jan 23, 2010, 04:02am
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I should be appalled, I really should. But I'm afraid I'm giggling too hard right now.
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Old Sat Jan 23, 2010, 06:17am
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I refereed a Girls Varsity game about a week ago, where the visiting team came in much better than the home team and they pressed and took a 20 point lead, then a 30 point lead and then a 40 point lead. They pressed the entire game. they won 90 to 50. But the pressing was ridiculous.

If there would have been a foul on the press we would have called it, but there were very few. It was ugly and unnecessary.

Home team said this visitor does this every year.
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Old Sat Jan 23, 2010, 07:31am
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I had a GV V team press an entire game the other night too and one by over double their opponent's score. They however were constantly rotating people and are one of the top school's in the area.

I saw it as their coach trying to prepare for bigger and better games in the future. I saw no animosity from the H Coach.
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