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Old Mon Apr 13, 2009, 04:26pm
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Originally Posted by hoopguy View Post
I find soccer talk offensive. Can the moderator remove all posts relating to soccer???

What's with soccer offsides anyway? I always thought it a good thing to get ahead of your defender. And another thing, it turns my stomach when I hear kids or parents during a basketball game yelling 'mark that kid!' How do you mark somebody???
Well, why don't I see players lifting up players off the ground when a coach yells, "Pick that kid up!!" in basketball?
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Old Tue Apr 14, 2009, 03:01am
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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
Is there any game played with a ball that treats the boundary as a plane, and doesn't allow players with the ball, or the ball itself, from crossing, or "touching", the plane from inbounds to out of bounds?
Originally Posted by BktBallRef View Post
Soccer. If a ball in flight crosses the sideline boundary, the ball is OOB and the opponent gets the ball for a throw-in where the ball crossed the sideline.
Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
On top of that, it must be fully through the plane. If the ball is touching OOB (even only OOB) but part of the ball is still "over" the line, it is still in.
Originally Posted by soundedlikeastrike View Post
Soccer, the end line is the same, not just side lines, and a ball over the end line will result in a goal kick or corner kick. Not a throw in.
All responses are correct, but I will add for clarity that THE PLAYERS in soccer may go out of bounds and play the ball as long as some part of the ball remains inside the boundary plane. So THE PLAYERS can leave the field through the normal course of play in soccer as well as in basketball.

Originally Posted by soundedlikeastrike View Post
Nothing in new rules, that could be any where close to being construed to fit the OP's Ref's explanation?
He could have been incorrectly interpreting the violation for leaving the floor (going out of bounds) voluntarily.
He is wrong because a player may have his/her momentum cause him/her to go out of bounds while making a play, and that is NOT to be penalized as a violation of the rule.
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