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Old Fri Feb 03, 2006, 09:21pm
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Boys varsity game last night. Team A is leading by 5 with 1.0 seconds left. Team B has a throw-in at the center line. I administer the throw and look at the clock prior to giving the ball to the thrower so I know the exact score. They inbound the ball to the corner and A1 dribbles once and throws a desperation three from the deep corner. Here comes my mistake: the ball left his hand about a 1/2 second after the buzzer but, knowing it's a 5 point lead I signal three as the ball drops from about 10 feet above the hoop right through, nothing but net. I turn to leave the court and Team A coach (who just won by 2) is pointing at me and saying "that's terrible, there is no way that was good". He's getting pretty loud about it too. I turn and leave the floor hoping neither of my partners whack him and send B to the line for potential game tying free throws. No tech so A wins by 2. I still can't believe he got upset in the first place but next time the ball will be no good.
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Old Fri Feb 03, 2006, 09:45pm
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Why would you allow it? Just wipe it off and get out. Many times you are remembered by the last call you've made. That coach is now going to remember you as the guy who inorrectly called the last shot of the game. I just hope you never have him again in a real close ball game where the last shot will make a difference because you have lost credibility.
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Old Fri Feb 03, 2006, 09:57pm
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Thanks. I Concur. I guess that's how we learn and get better. However, one thing I do try and do is not let past games affect my current game (I'm old enough to do that). If it happened again with this team in a close game I would call it honestly and not worry about the reaction of the coaches and fans.
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Old Sat Feb 04, 2006, 12:06am
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I think saying he's lost credibility is pushing it. Yes, there was a mistake made, and it appears it would have been corrected had it really mattered. Yes, I think you go ahead and correct it, but if you decide it has no bearing on the game and choose not to open that bottle, that's OK too.

If the subject comes up, the explanation is simple: "I made a mistake in counting it, or in not overriding it, but decided it was pointless to correct after the game was over." A coach making a big deal about it is a real idiot, and I frankly wouldn't care the least bit what he thought. He's liable to bust your chops for doing something CORRECT.
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Old Sun Feb 05, 2006, 03:30am
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The only time I've done that on purpose was a freshman or JV game where one team was gettting crushed...down by 30+ at the half. There was a shot at a buzzer to end one of the quarters that was released late....I counted it anyway...everyone was so excited that it even went in. Not a word of complaint from anyone. I would not consider doing it in anything less than a blowout in a lower level game.
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